Manchester Writing Spaces

We want to build a city of writing and reading; ensuring that Manchester is a place where writers, publishers, translators can thrive. We address inequality and isolation using writing and reading. We increase access to literature, use community writing to enhance social cohesion and raise access to writing outside the traditional centres. We build a viable literary ecology for the future. The city has developed many spaces for culture and the arts; it is time Literature had a place for focussing collective efforts.

The Manchester Writing hub includes event space, writing and teaching spaces, offices for publishers and MLF. This hive will be a creative incubator, encouraging meetings and discussion; a beacon for effort and innovative in the best radical tradition of the city. The physical space hosts international fellows and a small press book fair. It has a digital ‘meeting space’ dimension, including editing and development opportunities, and enhancing international reach.

The hub is part of a network of spaces around Manchester. Extensions to the hub will be opened in local areas, moving around schools, community centres, libraries, and cultural institutions, connected through a dynamic website, video conferencing, and social networks. These spaces allow writers to become embedded into communities, encourage citywide collaboration. They will be places for publishers and translators to engage with the wider community. They will be places for collecting and sharing stories from refugees, migrant communities, vulnerable groups, across generations.