A Cartoon History of Here by Ian McMillan and Tony Husband

  • DATE

    20 October 2021

  • TIME

    7:30 pm to 8:40 pm

  • AGES

    All ages 13+




    The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre
    Manchester Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9JG

For twenty years award winning cartoonist Tony Husband (Private Eye, The Times, The Oldie) and poet Ian McMillan (presenter of Radio 3’s The Verb and possessor of five honorary degrees so he’s Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Ian McMillan) have been touring the village halls and arts centres of the country with their interactive show A Cartoon History of Here. The premise of the show is simple: Ian reads a few poems and builds up the audience interaction, Tony appears and begins to draw cartoons on a flipchart to suggestions from the crowd, Ian does the same with a long poem. After an hour and a bit they’ve created something unique. And their hands are full of felt-tip stains.