What we do

Our vision is to create an innovative, distinctive, equitable, globally connected city of reading and writing. We want Manchester to be a city where diverse voices are celebrated, creative talent and industries are nurtured and where literary activity changes lives.

We will do this by uniting the collective strength and voice of writers and all those involved in literary activities across Manchester and create projects that over time will reach all parts of the city.

All our work will be guided by our core values, which are that we will be:


Creating distinctive cultural experiences inspired by Manchester’s unique, radical character and rich cultural heritage whilst looking to the future.


Celebrating the rich diversity of voices in the city, building on the strengths of Manchester’s people and widening participation in literary activity.


Developing skills, nurturing creative talent and transforming lives.


Linking and supporting literary activity and enabling collective advocacy for Manchester’s literary community and international collaborations.


A beacon for high quality, culturally democratic, truly diverse literary activity.

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Introducing: Manchester City of Literature