Manchester City Council


Manchester City Council is one of our Funding Partners, and we work closely with the Councillors and teams there, such as Libraries and Culture, to ensure collaborative working, we even share an office in the Town Hall Extension!

In 2015 Manchester City Council surveyed the residents of the city to inform a shared vision for the future. This resulted in the Our Manchester strategy document (which you can download below).

Manchester City Council and the residents agreed that Manchester has transformed in recent years in areas such as ‘expanding and improving schools’, ‘stronger international connections’ and a ‘growing and changing population’.

Manchester City of Literature is proud to be working with Manchester City Council to honour that transformation and work towards a shared vision for the city.

Being a UNESCO City of Literature is such a great achievement for the city, we are one of 42 cities in the world that have this prestigious designation and we’re proud to showcase the diverse talent of our city on the international stage.

We have built on the strong foundations of Manchester’s rich literary history, and we alongside our partners from the city’s universities and literary community have harnessed their collective creative energies to launch and create events, libraries and spaces where words and literature can be celebrated.

We have supported over 100 Manchester based creatives to accomplish their dreams and secure paid opportunities in the creative industry. This is a fantastic achievement for the city and shows that we are investing in local talent and the cultural future of Manchester.
We’re excited for what the next years will bring for Manchester!

– Councillor Luthfur Rahman OBE, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council


The Our Manchester vision is to be in the top flight of world-class cities by 2025, when the city will:

– Have a competitive, dynamic and sustainable economy that draws on our distinctive strengths in science, advanced manufacturing, culture, and creative and digital business – cultivating and encouraging new ideas

– Possess highly skilled, enterprising and industrious people

– Be connected, internationally and within the UK

– Play its full part in limiting the impacts of climate change

– Be a place where residents from all backgrounds feel safe, can aspire, succeed and live well

– Be clean, attractive, culturally rich, outward-looking and welcoming.



“Despite cuts to public spending Manchester continues to invest in culture, sport and parks. The social and economic benefits to our city are huge, with world-class facilities, such as The Whitworth, University of Manchester, HOME, Central Library, the Museum of Science and Industry, the National Cycle Centre and Etihad Campus enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. The quality and accessibility of our 143 parks and green spaces across the city have improved considerably over the past 10 years. More people are using them and supporting them through Friends groups and other forms of volunteering. Alexandra Park is the latest example of how the great assets we have as a city can be given new life in a way that remains true to their heritage.”

– The Our Manchester Strategy