A Triptych: Melvin Burgess, Pete Kalu and Tariq Mehmood

  • DATE

    22 September 2022

  • TIME

    5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

  • AGES

    Young people


    Free (but please book)


    The Portico Library
    57 Mosley St, Manchester, M2 3HY

Three writers discuss their YA series based on a dystopia of the UK in pieces, ruled from London by Christian fascists … The Bloods.

Hear from three authors and friends, Melvin Burgess, Pete Kalu and Tariq Mehmood on their separate YA book which is set in the same fictional world Ruled Britannia, a dystopian UK where they imagine that what is happening right now to Syria, is happening here. They will discuss the idea behind the books, their journeys as writers and why they write what they write. There will be a chance to ask them questions at the end.

Book 1: Melvin Burgess, Three Bullets (out now)
The Bloods are in control and they’re desperate to turn Britain into the world they want to see: right, white, Christian supremist.
Book 2: Pete Kalu, One Drop (4 August 2022)
Book 3: Tariq Mehmood Second Coming (forthcoming)

Part of our Portico Sadie Massey Award series to highlight new writing for older children and young Adults. Suitable for ages 14+