Book launch: We Kid Ourselves by Tony Curry

  • DATE

    7 April 2021

  • TIME

    7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

  • AGES

    All ages welcome



Live stream book launch
Wed 7th April, 7.30pm on the Flapjack Press Facebook Group Page.

This is a collection about the land. This land.
It’s about the politics of the UK, its identity and how it can be re-defined. It’s about the environment, social disquiet, anger, intolerance and the rise of righteousness. It’s about love and intimacy, exploring change and the passing of time.
This is a collection which embraces hope and creates the future.

“The minstrel whose strumming voice consoles and illuminates us … You will not regret reading this.” – Neil Bell, actor
“These are poems to be belted out or chanted in unison with loved ones at protests.” – Geneviève L. Walsh, spoken word artist
“Written with care and compassion. A powerful, timely collection … A warning and a carrion call to us all.” – Michael Wilson, poet
“Tony’s words dance off the page and into your bloodstream … This unique and beautiful collection is essential reading.” – Charlotte Oliver, writer

Tony Curry is a performance poet, playwright, workshop facilitator, soundsmith and enabler. Raised in Crawley by English and South African parents, he has lived and worked in Manchester for three decades, running literature-in-the-community projects with a specific leaning towards mental health and wellbeing.
Tony’s solo spoken word shows include Brit Boy, Complicit Relations, Moving and The Odyssey, performed at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre. His play, The Teddy Bear, was staged at Manchester’s Contact Theatre and his work has been exhibited at the city’s art gallery and museum. Since 2016, Tony has been the host of Word Central, the monthly open mic and spoken word event at Manchester Central Library co-ordinated by Flapjack Press and Manchester Libraries.

Available to pre-order from and your favourite bookshops
Published in paperback & eBook 6th April
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