Cocktails and Cinquains

  • DATE

    26 November 2021

  • TIME

    7:45 pm to 9:00 pm




    Contact Theatre
    Oxford Rd, Manchester, M15 6JA

Join us at Contact for Cocktails and Cinquains!

What makes a good cocktail? What on earth is a cinquain? And why have we put the two together? If you join us for a new night of boisterous beverages and punchy poetry hosted by Keisha Thompson and Rory Aaron, you might just find out…

We will treat you to a high-quality mix of a spirited guest poet, a performance mixologist, a mixer act and much much more. We’ll start things simply with our guest poet’s favourite cocktail, then descent into a world of mixology mystery. Their challenge will be to create a whole new drink inspired by poetry, your reactions and whatever is available in the shops, to be honest.

For those who want to engage with the full experience, tickets will be available for you to enjoy the night as well as the feature cocktails and mocktails. Otherwise, just buy a regular ticket and sip on some water. We don’t mind. All are welcome.

Oh yes, and what is cinquain, you ask? It’s just a fancy five-line poem. Something like this:

Join us

for a fun night

of liquid poetics

that might make you spit veneers to

shout cheers!