Conversations with Comic Authors: Marta Cartu

  • DATE

    11 April 2024

  • TIME

    6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

  • AGES

    All ages welcome



Comics are a form of material art embedded in wider cultural processes. They usually appear in print form, but they have also populated the virtual world using social media to channel creativity and reach wider audiences.

Comics are part and parcel of contemporary museum exhibitions, TV series, films, music videos and, generally, consumer products within the circuit of culture. The endless possibilities of comics to narrate and their capacity to adapt and intersect with other media (photography, music, literature, theatre, poetry, illustration, games) make them an apt example of contemporary cultural production as cross-medial. Currently, comics are experiencing a great creative moment, with new aesthetic trends that broaden their horizon and strengthen their intermedial character. In both Spain and Latin America, new generations of authors are creating comics breathing new life into them and a desire to experiment. In this series of online seminars titled ‘Intermedial Narratives: Conversations with Comic Authors’, Jorge Catalá and Gerardo Vilches explore the multifaceted landscape of contemporary comics through conversations with comics artists, in which we will delve into their creative processes, their themes, and their references.

First conversation: Marta Cartu

Marta Cartu (1989) is an interdisciplinary comic creator working in the fields of artistic creation and education. In recent years, she has published her first comic album, Hola Siri (2021), and has created various short stories within the self-publishing framework. She has also participated in collective exhibitions such as Graphic Constellation (CCCB, 2022), Comic. Dreams and Stories (Caixaforum, 2022), and Revolt in Comics (MACBA, 2018). Additionally, she has designed educational activities and interventions for various cultural entities, including CCCB, MNAC, Disseny HUB, and Born CCM. She holds a degree in Fine Arts and has completed master’s degrees in artistic mediation, artistic pedagogy, and teacher training.