Finding your voice: with Yvonne Battle-Felton

  • DATE

    24 July 2021

  • TIME

    12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

  • AGES

    All ages 13+



Read writerly advice from an established author or consult a book on how to write and it won’t be long before you’re encouraged to ‘develop your voice’ or ‘maintain a distinctive voice’. But what does that mean? How do we find our writerly voice?

Yvonne Battle-Felton is the perfect writer and educator to kick off the Tameside WordShop: a sensational workshop host, she has gathered quite the following of devotees. In this workshop, the first in our year-long series, Yvonne will lead us through exercises, prompts and ideas to encourage us to think about what we want to say, and how we want to say it. Though Yvonne is a prose writer, Tameside writers working in other forms are also very much welcome.