MACFEST 2021: Books, books and more books!

  • DATE

    16 February 2021

  • TIME

    5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

  • AGES

    All ages welcome

Hello from South Africa!

Join us in South Africa for an exciting panel on books, books – and more books with Khalyla Harito, an avid reader and a book seller!

As technology has changed the world in the last decade, we look at the importance of printed books. What is the future of printed books for both the younger generation and other demographics in fast developing countries?

Khalyla Harito will talk about her passion for reading, for collecting books from around the world and life as a bookseller, and selling books to readers in Afghanistan.

Moderated by: Jonathon Davidson, Chief Executive of West Midlands Writing.

Chief guest: Ivan Wadeson, Executive Director, Manchester City of Literature.

This is an online event, register or join us live @MACFESTUK