Money and lies: what’s wrong with our economy and why we can’t fix it

  • DATE

    9 December 2021

  • TIME

    4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

  • AGES

    All ages 13+



What’s wrong with the UK economy? Everyone has an opinion. But no one has an answer. Why?

Join Jack Mosse and Simon Youel as they discuss the UK economy, how and why we misunderstand it, who’s to blame, and why it leaves us feeling both angry and frustrated.

The discussion will explore Jack’s new book, ‘The pound and the fury: Why anger and confusion reign in an economy paralysed by myth’.

About ‘The pound and the fury’:

For decades, our economy has failed to work for ordinary citizens: stagnant wages have been combined with underemployment and rising costs of basic goods like healthcare, education and housing. At the same time, a small minority of the population make obscene profits, while in the background we continue to hurtle headlong into an environmental emergency. While there is no shortage of anger and anti-elite sentiment expressed in what is often referred to as the ‘culture wars’, no significant challenge to the dominant economic model has broken into the mainstream.

The pound and the fury argues that behind this failure of imagination are a set of myths about how the economy works, myths that stifle debate and block change. This book analyses the origins of these myths and how they might be dispelled at a time when, away from the public gaze, economic theory is opening up new possibilities of economic action. Possibilities that, as we emerge from the chaos of COVID-19, could lead to the radical structural changes we desperately need.

‘A brilliant expose of how our financial system continues to operate largely unquestioned based on a blueprint for confusing and exploiting people.’
Danny Dorling