Multilingual Poetry and Naasheed

  • DATE

    5 March 2022

  • TIME

    2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

  • AGES

    All ages welcome




    Whitworth Art Gallery
    Oxford Rd, Manchester, M15 6ER

We present to you an enchanting poetry recital, with Muslim women poets from around the UK, in different languages with:

  • Werda Omar, Somali
  • Tamanna Abdul-Karim, Bengali
  • Dr Shahreh Sharif, Farsi
  • Rubina Khan, Urdu
  • Hanane El Hadioue, Arabic

The poetry recital will be followed by Nasheed by Dudia Zilic, Alaa Zalat, Hanane El Hadioue and Nafeesa Madani.

Hosted by: Becky Swain, Director of Manchester Poetry Library, Manchester Metropolitan University.

This event is part of the Muslim Women’s Arts Festival.