Not Quite Right for Us: Colin Grant, Feargal Harte, Kerry Hudson, Johny Pitts & Jethro Soutar

  • DATE

    1-30 November 2021

  • TIME

    1:00 pm to 12:00 am



When is a job ‘not quite right’? For Colin Grant it was when he encountered structural racism at the BBC; for Kerry Hudson when people questioned her working class credibility as she toured the UK talking about Lowborn; for Johny Pitts when he was rejected for TV projects in a 90s world that thought it was post-racial; for Jethro Soutar it was in an office where a bullying manager was dismissed as eccentric, and for Fergal Harte’s narrator it’s an editor who rejects the idea of police as villains. Listen to all five memoirs from these acclaimed writers, accompanied by photographs from these periods, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Speaking Volumes and their new anthology Not Quite Right For Us: Forty Writers Speak Volumes.

Presented in partnership with Speaking Volumes