Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations

  • DATE

    16 March 2022

  • TIME

    7:00 pm to 8:30 pm



How can economics be diversified, decolonised and democratised? Join us for a discussion on how to reclaim economics.

Housmans Bookshop is pleased to present “Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations”, an event in collaboration with Manchester University Press.

Across the world, economics students are coming together under the banner of the student movement, Rethinking Economics, to create a better economics – one which can help to create a world where all our children can flourish regardless of their gender, background or birthplace.

At this event, we are joined by two researchers from Rethinking Economics: Lucy Ambler and Nicola Scott. Lucy and Nicola are also co-authors alongside Joe Earle of Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations. Drawing on over sixty interviews with students and professionals from identities and backgrounds marginalised in economics and a wide range of global and historical research, Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations illustrates the ways in which economics is currently not fit for purpose and sets out a vision for how it can be diversified, decolonised and democratised.

Join the discussion to learn how we can reclaim economics to build a better future for everyone.


Lucy Ambler, Researcher at Rethinking Economics and Intersectionality Advocate, is a passionate feminist and a campaigner for menstrual health rights following her previous research projects in East Africa. She lives in Manchester with her boyfriend and her ever-growing book collection.

Nicola Scott, Research Manager at Rethinking Economics, investigated the political economy of GM crops during her PhD research in Mexico/US, then published articles for Ethical Consumer about corporate social responsibility. She has taught social science students at university to think critically about what they study. Nicola has been an environmental activist for over fifteen years.