Sayin – Buck Full Moon

  • DATE

    24 July 2021

  • TIME

    6:00 pm to 11:00 pm

  • AGES

    All ages 13+




    The Old Abbey Taphouse
    Guildhall Cl, Manchester, M15 6SY

SAYIN? Believes that Poets, Rappers, Wordsmiths, Philosophers, Songwriters, Spoken Word Artists (and basically anyone just saying cool stuff) should all be under the same roof somewhere, so that’s exactly what they’ve set out to do with their creative series of events.

Blurring the lines of poetry and spoken word, this is an event to share words and collaborate, to sit back and learn something new. SAYIN? is open to all who appreciate the power of words.

SAYIN? Is the latest series from the multi-disciplinary artist and will see the night filled with wordplay, tongue twisters, cyphers and even urban storytelling.

“Over the past few years words from the natural world around us have been removed from our children’s dictionaries and replaced by social media terms and computer programming jargon; words like… conker, acorn, kingfisher and bluebell….. removed to make way for; terms such as blog, chatroom and analogue, this is simply because these words aren’t part of our lexicon anymore as people communicate face to face less and less. We will be showcasing the local talent… and opening the stage to anyone who wants to come along and show us what they’ve been SAYIN?” Skittles.