The Old Green Time Machine in Bury

  • DATE

    10 June 2023

  • TIME

    10:00 am to 1:00 pm

  • AGES





    Radcliffe Library
    Stand Lane, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1WR

Coalesce Dance Theatre is a Salford-based, female-led dance company.

The Old Green Time Machine follows the journey of two intrepid and quirky time travellers who are in a race to save the world. In a future where all living things have been destroyed and all that is left is plastic, our two adventurers find themselves on an urgent mission. It’s a shame their carbon friendly time machine bicycle has seen better days! This family friendly show, for library spaces and unusual venues is a whirlwind of contemporary dance, music, poetry and fun. Performances include an interactive ‘Stay, Play and Learn’ session after the show.

Please note there are two performances of The Old Green Time Machine at Radcliffe Library on this day, 10am-11am and 12pm-1pm. You do not need to book tickets for both performances as they are both the same. You will be able to choose which performance you would like to book tickets for on the booking link below.