Give This Book A Name by Oliver East

10 June 2024 - News

Task – Creativity – Journey – Library.
You know these words. You’re safe here.

Oliver East is a Manchester-based illustrator, designer and lecturer in visual communication who is particularly interested in walking as a creative act, architecture and public art. His work includes providing the cover artwork to Elbow’s The Seldom Seen Kid and re-tracing the 1872 walk from Edinburgh to Manchester by Maharajah the elephant.

For Festival of Libraries 2024, Oliver has created a creative, DIY walking guide to your local library. Readers are invited to consider the journey to their library, what they see en route and the idea is that post-activity, audiences will be left in the best frame of mind to discover something new in their library, wherever it is based in Greater Manchester.

The walking guide features creative challenges, questions and design skills and is now available digitally and in print in all public and independent libraries in Greater Manchester. Download your copy below.