Greenhouse Books


    Mon: Closed, Tue: Closed, Wed: 12 - 5.30, Thurs: 11 - 5.30, Fri: 11 - 5.30, Sat 11 - 5.30, Sun: 11 - 2.30.

Greenhouse is a bookshop with a beating heart. They say we are a family business, not just because we are run by a family, but because they welcome you – the window-shopper or the wanderer, the book-worm or the coffee bean aficionado, the cake-scoffer or the comic book geek – warmly as family when you walk through the doors or click on our site.

​Greenhouse are one of the only vegan bookshops out there, and certainly the only one in Stockport. You will find a diverse selection of books, magazines, comics and graphic novels for your perusal.

​There are also have artisanal coffee and homemade soups and cakes behind the counter for you to nibble on while you get stuck into your next absorbing read! Greenhouse is cosy, homely and tardis-like in nature. Lose yourself in the literary labryinth and find wisdom on the other side…


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