In Conversation with Bishop Mick Fleming, Father Alex Frost and Ed Thomas

  • DATE

    28 November 2022

  • TIME

    6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

  • AGES

    All ages welcome




    International Anthony Burgess Foundation
    3 Cambridge St, Manchester, M1 5BY

The last few years have done much to expose and exacerbate social inequality in the UK.

This was brought into stark relief by the BBC News correspondent Ed Thomas in December 2020 through a series of reports on the pandemic which gave viewers a rare insight into both the resilience of one of the nation’s most vulnerable communities and of the vital role grassroots organisations and community leaders like Bishop Mick Fleming and Father Alex Frost have played in supporting them.

The reports generated international interest and for a while Burnley became the focus of much media attention. Now, almost two years later, we catch up with Ed, Father Alex and Bishop Mick; we’ll be finding out what’s been the legacy of the BBC News’ coverage, and we’ll be talking about Bishop Mick’s new book ‘Blown Away’ and Father Alex’s new publication ‘Our Daily Bread – From Argos to the Altar’ – both of which will be on sale at the event.