Reading… Graciela Baquero

  • DATE

    25 April 2023

  • TIME

    6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

  • AGES

    All ages 13+



Instituto Cervantes Manchester and Leeds Poetry’s Club continues reading poems of the Spanish poet Graciela Baquero, who is, also, philosophy teacher, actor and singer.

She works in the publishing house Mundos Posibles which she founded with Daniel Giménez. Whit the latter she recorded the CD Sobre el amor y otros animales [On Love and Other Animals]. Her books include Pintura sobre agua [Painting on Water, 1990, 2011], Contactos (1985), Los ojos boca arriba [Eyes Up, 1986], Oficio de frontera [Border Duty, 1988], and Crónicas de Olvido [Tales of Olvido, 1997, 2008]. She has won the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid poetry prize and the Internacional Puerta de Oro prize for short fiction.

The Poetry club is coordinated by Diana Cullell, Professor at the University of Liverpool.

Diana Cullell is a Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Liverpool and a specialist in Spanish and Catalan literature and culture. She has published on different authors and literary movements, with an interest in new forms of poetry and its new interpretations; contemporary Spanish and Catalan poetry; representations of the body in literature or the Spanish poetry market from 1980 to the present. His publications include La perfopoesía española en el siglo XXI: una revolución poética (Madrid: Amargord, 2019); Spanish Contemporary Poetry: An Anthology(Manchester University Press, 2014); or La Poesía de la Experiencia Española de Finales del Siglo XX al XXI (Madrid: Devenir, 2010).