How can I stay engaged with my local library?

20 July 2022 - News
If you enjoyed the Festival of Libraries, you might be wondering – how do I stay engaged with my local library in the future?

The best way to enjoy your library is to get yourself a library card if you don’t already have one! If you don’t have a library card it’s super easy to sign up for one so you can access everything within your local library.

Making time to visit libraries that aligns with your schedule is also important for maintenance. For instance, saying you’ll visit on a Wednesday when you’re at work until late probably isn’t the best. Keeping to a schedule and committing is key! Make time for it as much as you want – whether this is weekly or monthly, whatever works best for you. 

Alongside your visits, be sure to check out if your vibrant local library has any events coming up that are of interest, such as book, craft or social clubs. Make a note of them, and who knows, maybe you’ll really enjoy it and come to those sessions in between your regular visits! Take inspiration from local residents in Gorton, Oldham and North City and hear how they engage with their local library in these Me and My Library films from this year’s festival.

Plus, be sure to follow your library on social media so you get regular updates about what’s on.

Don’t forget to turn library visits into a fun activity with family and friends, there are so many events that take place each and every day across the libraries of Greater Manchester. By getting your friends and family involved, you’re more likely to go because someone is committing to the task with you. The more the merrier, whatever their age!

If you really end up loving using your library and you have a lot of spare time on your hands, why not ask if they take on any volunteers? Many local libraries use volunteers to offer new skills and ideas to the community, and helping to maintain a library can be very fulfilling.

Staying engaged with your library depends entirely on your preferences and what you feel comfortable doing. Whether it’s reading, writing, learning a new language, starting a business venture or socialising – once you’ve established a routine, it’s easy to maintain if you enjoy what you do.

If you make a donation to the Festival of Libraries, we can help to continue the activities within libraries and support their further work and maintenance. Please consider donating to show some love to your local libraries.