Utrecht students take part in virtual study tour to Manchester

10 March 2021 - News

Utrecht Arts Academy students will be welcomed to Manchester tomorrow, as they take part in a virtual study tour to learn more about the library offer in the city, how reader development is delivered and how Manchester Libraries works together with the Manchester City of Literature office.

Utrecht City of Literature will mentor and support the students as part of the ongoing learning project, and Manchester City of Literature has coordinated presentations from key literary partners across the city to give insight and best practice advice on libraries.

Presentations will include:

1. Welcome to Manchester: An overview of the city’s literary and cultural offer, role of Manchester as a City of Literature – Ivan Wadeson, Executive Director at Manchester City of Literature

2. Library City: An overview of the libraries of Manchester and the re-thinking of the public library offer – by Manchester Libraries

3. The Transformation of Central Library: the re-thinking of the city’s main public library which is now the busiest public library in the UK with 2 million visits per year – Neil MacInnes, Manchester Libraries

4. Read Manchester: how the partnership between Manchester Libraries and the National Literacy Trust supports reading for pleasure in young people – Margaret Duff and Cheryl Pridgeon, Read Manchester

5. Engaging Diverse Communities: how Manchester approaches engaging its communities including International Mother Language Day and promoting writing from diverse authors – Reece Williams, Manchester City of Literature

6. The Library as Creative Space: how arts commissions and events animate Manchester libraries – Danny Middleton and/or Zoe Williams, Manchester Libraries/Creative Space

This study tour will support the students to create a series of recommendations to Utrecht Library and Utrecht City of Literature, it will culminate with an online meeting of library staff from both cities to reflect on the students report and explore future opportunities for collaboration and learning.