Damascene School

Partner project

Central Library – International Mother Language Day 2019 & 2020

Our Arabic supplementary school, located in Salford, was established in 2018 by six well qualified Syrian ladies with extensive teaching experiences. Our school teaches the Arabic language and the Holy Quran to pupils aged between 5 and 15. This year and because of the pandemic of COVID-19, we decided to start teaching online. Find us on Facebook: @damasceneschool.

Our activity aimed to celebrate the UNESCO International Mother Language Day and it was a fantastic day. We invited the parents of our students and other members of the Syrian community.

We tried to express ourselves and our culture through the type of our participation; gratefully Manchester Central Library provided us with coloured papers, colours, glue and other materials for some handcrafts. We brought some delicious Syrian sweets and some traditional objects for a small exhibition.

One of the most amazing activity was a table where children from other cultures could learn Arabic calligraphy by writing their names in a nice handwriting and take the sign home to decorate their rooms.

Some of our amazing students performed a song, which was highly admired by all people at the event, since music is an international language.

We were asked about the objects in our exhibition, about the Syrian sweets and their components, and about our school, its activities and location.



Some of the amazing students performed this song