Forum Library Wythenshawe 2019 & 2020

Partner project

Monthly Meet-up Events 2019 & 2020

We wanted to run a monthly event to support our Library of Sanctuary, the purpose was to bring the changing community of Wythenshawe together so they could enjoy each other’s company and build strong ties. We believe that if we provide a craft or activity it helps people relax and gives them common ground that helps start up conversation. One of the main aims was to get the community talking.



Each month we gave the Sanctuary Social a theme with an activity and we always had the kettle on for tea, coffee, cake, and biscuits. The events became an important part of the library programme and people asked and looked forward to them.

This is some of the fabulous events we enjoyed together;

  • Welcome Afternoon Tea party, we made posh coffee’s and decorated cupcakes.
  • Meet your Neighbours, we had local artist Caroline Coates who ran a workshop for making paper flowers, we also designed and decorated canvas bags.
  • Sanctuary Social meet up – get crafty, we painted animal Tea light holders.
  • Sanctuary Social meet up – porcelain painting – we designed and painted Mugs.
  • Sit, Relax and colour, we spent a couple of hours losing ourselves in a creative way by doing some adult colouring and having a really good chat.
  • Afternoon Tea – design your own library bag with a favourite quote from a book.