Talk About Talawa Community Podcasting

Manchester City of Literature project

Talk About Talawa is our community podcasting project that builds on our Community Champions engagement project for NHS Untold Stories and Windrush 75. Working with Reform Radio and Assistant Producer Kim Barnwell, we engaged first- and second-generation Caribbean people in Manchester to tell their stories of Windrush, migration, faith and a new life.

There are sixteen hours of recordings that will be released as individual podcast episodes here and on streaming services over March and April 2024. Each episode is thematically linked, introduced by Manchester writer and performer Reece Williams and features specially commissioned music by PERiiSU.

Check back regularly here and on Spotify for new episodes.

Thank you to the Foyle Foundation for supporting this project financially and thank you to Kim Barnwell, Billie Meredith, Hawwa Alam and Reform Radio for working so enthusiastically with our podcasters.

Recorded at Reform Radio Manchester