Talk About Talawa Community Podcasting

Manchester City of Literature project

Talk About Talawa is our community podcasting project that builds on our Community Champions engagement project for NHS Untold Stories and Windrush 75. Working with Reform Radio and Assistant Producer Kim, we engaged first and second generation members of the Caribbean community in Manchester to tell their stories of Windrush, migration, faith, identity and a new life.

There are eight episodes in total, each thematically linked and introduced by Manchester writer and performer Reece Williams, featuring specially commissioned music by PERiiSU. Listen below / on Spotify here:

Thanks so much to Foyle Foundation for their generous support of this project, Reform Radio for collaborating on the production and editing process, and Manchester City Council, the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University for funding the overarching work of Manchester City of Literature.

Much appreciation to Hawwa Alam for managing the project, Billie Meredith for her cover designs, and Mike Dunbar for editing. Finally, special thanks to Kim for giving so much of her time, energy and passion to recruiting and recording all the conversations with our participants, and to each and every interviewee who trusted us and so generously shared their Windrush stories for everyone to hear.

Recorded at Reform Radio Manchester