Expressions of Interest to take part in The Embassy of Utopia

20 March 2024 - News

The Embassy of Utopia is an exciting collaboration between Manchester UNESCO City of Literature and Capital of Culture 2024 Tartu UNESCO City of Literature.

The Embassy of Utopia was a cultural forum devised by Estonian artists Jan Teevet and Oliver Issak whose doors were open from May 8th to 13th as part of the 2023 Prima Vista Literature Festival in Tartu. This summer it will be arriving in Manchester Central Library on the 14th-15th of June as part of the Festival of Libraries for its UK premiere.

Artists David Hartley and Henri Hütt have created a space for dreamers, poets, and you (yes, you) to share ideas that are too important to leave unspoken.

There will be 120 performances over two days where bold individuals and community groups are invited to speak about their vision for the future. What has Manchester collectively got to say?

We welcome performances of all kinds; spoken word, speeches, show-and-tell, acoustic music, expressive arts, craft demonstrations… whatever you think might fit within our utopian forum.

The performances should be no longer than 5 minutes and will take place at Manchester Central Library on 14th and 15th June between 10.00-4.30pm during the Festival of Libraries 2024.


The Embassy of Utopia is supported by the Centre For New Writing at the University of Manchester.

Terms and Conditions:

Please be aware that by signing the form linked below you are confirming that you are over 18 years of age and available for a 5 minute slot to speak on your utopia! 

You are confirming that you will adhere to Article 10 of the Freedom of Speech Act, which means the performance should contain no hate speech or incitement of physical violence and libel against other individuals. The organisers reserve the right to interrupt performances if they deem that this term has been breached. 

Please limit excessive bad language and explicit material. The Embassy will take place in a public space between the hours of 10am-4:30pm and children may be present in the audience. 

No political campaigning. The Embassy of Utopia is an open forum for the sharing of ideas, not the canvassing of votes.

Please note that there will be photography on the day.