Fly On The Wall Press


Fly on the Wall is a social enterprise company and a not-for-profit publisher, based in Manchester. We publish innovative short stories, poetry and photography books on pressing issues, from exceptional authors around the globe, all with a socially conscious theme.

Social action is intrinsically linked into our books, and has been since the Press was established in February 2018. Our flagship anthologies work in two ways: each sale fundraises for the chosen charity and each reader continues our conversation, tackling the issues highlighted. We are proud to publish short stories and poetry on the pressing issues of our time, being unafraid to generate conversation about perhaps ‘prickly’ subjects, whilst also dedicating a large proportion of our yearly publishing schedule to charitable projects.

Which charities have we worked with so far?

  • Mind
  • Shelter
  • Crisis Aid UK
  • WWF
  • The Climate Coalition
  • Street Child United

Fly on the Wall Press guarantees that all books are both produced and shipped sustainably.

What does Fly on the Wall Press believe in?

Words have the power to change opinion. Expressing injustice through poetry is an important statement which cannot be undervalued.

Why should you read and submit to Fly on the Wall Press?

Change and innovation starts with small publishers. Fly on the Wall Press publishes exciting, powerful voices which refuse to stay quiet. By supporting Fly on the Wall, you are supporting the writers of the future.

What does A Publisher With A Conscience mean in relation to your authors?

We are proud to always offered our authors up to four times the recommended royalty rate from the Society of Authors and to be transparent about both our contracts and the publishing process. The publishing industry has been quiet about money for too long! We take time to edit, design and

market our books to the highest standards, always in consultation with the author. We take on a 12 – 14 authors maximum per year to ensure that each author is given the marketing campaign and publicity which they deserve. Other publishers may hand over to the author after the editing and design process, but we believe that when the book is released, the real work begins! We are a small Press with ambition, recognised for our innovative PR campaigns by The Bookseller and celebrated at the 2020 British Book Awards.

Please note that FOTW have one annual reading period in Autumn, and ask that writers have read a book prior to submitting.